Entry-Level UE Testing


The UE29 is an entry-level testing machine built for small- to mid-sized cylinder testing facilities and companies that need to test metallic cylinders on a regular basis.

Like all of our Ultrasonic Examination machines, the UE29 is far superior to and an ideal replacement for hydrostatic testing equipment because it is:

  • Exceptionally easy to work with
  • Significantly faster to operate
  • Built to test a broad range of cylinder sizes
  • Better for the environment

Unlike competitive systems, it’s not necessary to remove the valve or any product from a cylinder when using the UE29, so no harmful gasses are ever emitted. You also don’t need to introduce water into the cylinder, thus avoiding the corrosion this can cause.

Incredible Support

Our highly trained field service engineers and customer service staff are ready to assist whenever you need it. Our team is eager to help you with process training, troubleshooting and even Level 3 oversight to meet regulatory requirements. We can also assist you with ordering spare parts for your UE machine.

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Producing UE equipment for nearly two decades

System Benefits

User Friendly

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for operators to test cylinders with only minimal training.

Customer Support

Our team of Field Service Engineers and Customer Service Specialists ensure all of your needs are met.

Environmentally Conscious

The UE29 uses minimal water and completely eliminates harmful cylinder off-gassing.

Low Overhead

With its single-operator design, the UE29 cylinder testing machine provides unmatched operational efficiency.

Reduced Footprint

The U29 allows you to maximize testing capacity while taking up only minimal space.

Increased Throughput

Our high-speed system provides incredibly fast cylinder scan times.

US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Approved

Read our special permits or contact us to uncover how Ultrasonic Examination will enhance your periodic requalification needs.

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Special Permit 14149

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