Vision & Values

Opening up a whole new world of possibilities in cylinder testing

Our #1 priority at Hexagon Digital Wave is making cylinder testing and requalification as safe, fast and convenient as possible. When our customers use our solutions, we want it to be like hitting the easy button!

Our broader vision is making continual improvements so that we can:

  • Provide the highest quality periodic cylinder testing
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses and landfill waste
  • Ensure safe storage and transport of compressed gasses

We place a great deal of emphasis on collaboration, and this extends well beyond just our internal team. Some of our biggest customers are also some of our biggest design advisors. And when we see ways our technologies can help solve other complex problems for our customers, we don’t hesitate to jump in and assist them.

Integrity and drive

We’re serious about advancing technology to solve real-world problems for our customers. That’s why having integrity and drive is so critical to our success and so integral to our culture. We’re not just dreamers and innovators; we’re doers and grinders. We don’t just make promises; we make sure to keep them.

Beliefs of the Hexagon family of companies:

  • Clean air is a right, not a privilege

  • Technology is no longer the barrier in enabling clean energy for all

  • Having a strong, values-based culture drives business performance

  • We need to hold ourselves accountable in all interactions with customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we operate

VISIONClean Air Everywhere | PURPOSE – Driving Energy Transformation | VALUES – Integrity & Drive

"Our vision of ‘Clean Air Everywhere’ is a contract to me. It’s an agreement with ourselves that we must develop solutions that will enable a sustainable future for generations to come. Reducing GHG emissions is at the forefront of the products and testing methods that we design. It is our primary motivation for pushing projects forward."

Dr. Brian Burks


Chief Technology Officer