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Pushing ourselves to achieve more

At Hexagon Digital Wave, we’ve been pioneering new techniques in high-pressure cylinder examination for over 30 years. Again and again, we’ve raised the bar in testing, requalification and life extension. In the process, we’ve done something not a lot of companies can claim – we’ve modernized our whole industry.

Today, we continue to help clients around the world to extend cylinder lifespans while minimizing downtime, maximizing profitability, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing landfill waste.

Pushing the limits of what’s possible isn’t just some lofty idea for us. It’s something we try to do each and every day. It’s in our DNA.

Our passion for digital transformation

Working as a team, we’ve produced the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for testing, monitoring and re-qualifying high-pressure cylinders.

When we were first developing Ultrasonic Examination, a lot of people in the industry thought it was an impossible dream. But we made it happen and we have continued to improve upon our groundbreaking technology.

We blazed a similar trail with Modal Acoustic Emission testing. Not many people were thinking about extending the life of SCBAs for firefighters when we first took this on. It took us five years, but we made it happen. We doubled the useful life of SCBAs from 15 to 30 years. Half a dozen years later, we’re still the only ones who can do it!

We were also the first company to attempt to test industrial gas cylinders right on truck trailers without removing them. But we made that happen too and the industry is still slowly catching on.

Since our inception, it’s always been important to us to challenge the status quo and respond to new challenges with speed and agility. By employing the latest digital solutions, we’ve been able to look beyond the inefficient test methods of the past and begin to create a better, brighter future for our customers.

Our family of companies

Hexagon Digital Wave is a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites ASA and forms part of the Hexagon Group, a global provider of clean energy solutions, which also includes:

Our role within Hexagon

Hexagon Digital Wave’s non-destructive Ultrasonic Examination and Modal Acoustic Emission technologies line up well with the offerings of other members of the Hexagon family. Being a leading provider of digitally advanced testing and requalifying solutions perfectly complements the many different types of cylinders and composite vessels that other Hexagon subsidiaries produce. All of our companies share knowledge and benefit from a very positive symbiotic relationship.

PEOPLE devoted to speed, efficiency and the environment PROPONENTS of smarter requalification methods and life extension PIONEERS in advanced cylinder testing technology since 1992

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