MAE Trailer Testing

For mobile pipeline trailers (aka virtual pipeline trailers), our goals are to promote alternative fuels, protect the environment, extend cylinder lifespans, keep people safe, and make our customers more successful with incredibly fast and accurate testing.

Since we first introduced Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) testing, Hexagon Digital Wave has been helping composite pressure vessel manufacturers and fleet operators meet rigorous ASME, NBIC, ISO, DOT/PHMSA and Transport Canada standards.

MAE technology serves trailer fleets by:

  • Providing best-in-class requalification for tube trailers, Type 3 and Type 4 cylinders, and underground storage pods
  • Reducing downtime from weeks to days by testing directly on trailers (rather than disassembling and removing cylinders from trailers for testing, then reassembling and reconnecting tubes afterward)

We provide ‘At Time of Manufacturing’ testing, accident investigation testing and requalification testing for gas transportation trailer fleets.


Real-Time Data Collection

As part of our on-site, asset-integrity testing, we provide safe, fast and efficient data capture.

In-Situ Platform

The in-situ systems used to test each module, trailer or container configuration are highly engineered to maximize efficiency and reduce asset downtime without compromising safety.

Periodic Requalification

Both the US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada have approved using MAE in lieu of hydrostatic or proof-pressure testing.

At Time of Manufacturing

We provide design-acceptance testing, composite-cylinder-fabrication testing and inspection guidance.

Accident Investigation

We run structural analyses to provide critical pass/fail determinations on the viability of the cylinders after accidents occur.

Underground Storage Pods

We are able to quickly test composite storage vessels in underground facilities to ensure their viability.

Approved by the US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada

See our DOT and TC Special Permits for MAE technology.


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