SCBA Life Extension

A Game-Changing Technology for Firefighters and Miners

Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) is ideal for extending the life of self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs) used by firefighters, miners and others who need safe air supplies.

MAE is the only testing methodology approved in the US and Canada to extend the life of firefighting SCBAs from 15 years to 30 years.

SCBA Life Extension:

  • Saves cost-conscious fire departments and companies substantial amounts of money

  • Frees up budget to spend on other capital needs

  • Reduces the number of SCBAs going into landfills

What does this mean for budget-conscious facilities?

For fire and mining crews, the life extension of SCBAs can truly be a lifesaver! They can now:

  • Double the lifespan of one of their most important assets

  • Avoid the huge expense of having to replace perfectly good SCBAs after just 15 years

  • Contribute to a sustainable world by reducing landfill waste


Established Track Record

9 million life-extended SCBAs are currently in service across North America.

Environmental Impact

MAE technology prevents tens of thousands of tons of SCBA cylinders from going to landfills each year by extending cylinder life from 15 to 30 years.

Technical Superiority

Trusted and approved by regulatory agencies as the most reliable requalification method available based on its ability to detect the most minute critical defects.

Equivalent Level of Safety

Testing establishes a level of safety equal to that of when the cylinders were first manufactured.

Backed by Research

Life-extension testing is backed by over 10 years of R&D in partnership with US and Canadian regulatory authorities.

Testing Versatility

MAE is a proven platform for firefighters, alternative fuel carriers and even the US Defense Department.

US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Approved

Read Special Permit 16320 and SU 13583 to learn why US and Canadian transportation authorities have fully embraced MAE for life-extension testing.


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