Ultrasonic Examination

Our Ultrasonic Examination (UE) machines use ultrasonic sound waves to identify structural flaws in metallic cylinders.

The UE machine allows the operator to analyze these waves by producing A-scans and C-scans. The A-scan is just the amplitude (voltage) versus time of the actual waveform – like an oscilloscope display. The C-scan is a term used in ultrasonic testing to denote a two dimensional picture kind of like an x-ray. Imagine the walls of a cylinder unrolled to a flat plane and an ultrasonic transducer passing over it back and forth in parallel lines from edge to edge.

The ultrasonic beam goes into the cylinder wall, hits the inner wall, and reflects back to the same transducer that produced the pulse only now it is a receiver. This is called pulse-echo operation and this can happen a thousand times a second if need be, the returned echo can be used to produce an image of a defect, if one is present.


Special Permit 14149

This special permit authorizes the use of DOT specification 3AL cylinders and cylinder manufactures under DOT-SP 12440 for the transportation in commerce of compressed gases, when retested by 100% ultrasonic examination in lieu of internal visual and hydrostatic testing

Special Permit 14206

This special permit authorizes the use of certain DOT Specification 3A, 3AA, 3AX, 3AAX, 3BN, 3T, 107A, UN/ISO 11120 cylinders and cylinders manufactured under DOT-SP 9001, DOT-SP 9370, DOT-SP 9421, DOT-SP 9706, DOT-SP 9791, DOT-SP 9909, DOT-SP 10047, DOT-SP 10869 and DOT-SP 11692 for the transportation in commerce of the compressed gases , when retested by a one hundred percent (100%) ultrasonic examination (UE) in lieu of the internal visual and the hydrostatic retest

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