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The UE17 is our industrial-scale, Ultrasonic Examination machine that’s designed for companies and test facilities that test a large volume of metallic cylinders. If you need to test and requalify many different types of cylinders as quickly as possible, this workhorse is your answer.

The UE17 makes the testing process extremely efficient with its automated cylinder handling, single-pass testing and incredibly fast motor. Once you experience the safety, versatility, precision and speed it offers, you will understand why it’s making hydrostatic testing a thing of the past.

With the UE17, you’re able to work much faster and test an incredibly wide range of cylinder sizes. The system is also much better for the environment since no gas is released into the atmosphere during testing.

As always, you can count on our field service engineers and customer service staff to assist you with any troubleshooting, training or spare parts you might need. We can also provide Level 3 operational oversight to help you meet regulatory demands.

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User Friendly

Only minimal training is needed for operators to begin testing cylinders effectively and efficiently.

Reduced Footprint

Spatial requirements are minimal – especially for a machine that maximizes throughput so dramatically.

Environmentally Conscious

Our machines greatly reduce water usage and eliminate hazardous off-gassing completely.

Maintains Cylinder Cleanliness

Ultrasonic examination maintains cylinder cleanliness far better than hydro testing, significantly reducing costs for gas customers.

Minimal Overhead

Efficient systems that require far less water and labor for testing help you achieve better test results with less.

Customer Support

Our team of expert engineers is always happy to provide you with any assistance you need.

Industrial Throughput

Our rapid scanning process allows you to test far more cylinders per hour than ever before.

US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Approved

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Special Permit 14206

Special Permit 14149

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