Pioneers in non-destructive inspection and life-extension technologies

Working with Hexagon Digital Wave means choosing technologies that are globally recognized as being the very best. We’ve spent over 30 years developing the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies available worldwide for testing, monitoring, requalifying and extending the life of industrial cylinders.

Our cylinder inspection systems set the industry standard for minimizing downtime, maximizing profitability and extending cylinder lifespans. In addition to being incredibly fast, efficient and accurate, our test methods are better for the environment because they eliminate gas emissions and landfill waste.

We provide state-of-the-art products and services in two key areas:

  • Ultrasonic Examination (UE) testing for metallic cylinders
  • Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) testing for composite cylinders

Ultrasonic Examination (UE) Testing

Hexagon Digital Wave is a pioneer in Ultrasonic Examination technology. Our UE machines are in use worldwide by both in-house and independent testing facilities for testing and recertifying metallic cylinders containing industrial gasses, welding gasses, beverage or medical oxygen.

UE technology quickly identifies even the most minute structural flaws in metallic cylinders using ultrasound waves and advanced scanning technology. This provides a far more efficient and thorough inspection than traditional hydrostatic testing.

Facts about our UE testing

  • A far faster requalification process that greatly reduces labor involved
  • Does not introduce contaminants into cylinder or release gas
  • Produces images of key defects and a digital record of inspection
  • Approved by US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada

Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) Testing

We perform Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) testing to inspect, monitor and requalify composite cylinders, mobile pipeline modules, Type 3 trailers and other composite vessels. MAE is performed by placing transducers on the surface of a structure that’s being tested, applying stress and recording the ultrasonic stress waves. MAE technology has proved extremely valuable for testing and requalifying:

  • Large composite cylinders used in the transport of natural gas
  • Self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs) used by fire departments

Our advanced MAE technology helps transporters of natural gas (and other gasses) save time, money and hassle by testing and requalifying the large composite gas cylinders directly on trailers. Since our convenient test method can typically be completed in a single day, it keeps the so-called mobile pipeline or virtual pipeline moving along. By contrast, other test methods can put trucks out of service for weeks or months while cylinders are being disassembled, tested and then reassembled.

Our MAE testing is a game-changer for fire departments. In the past, firefighter air tanks could be used for a maximum of 15 years. Hexagon Digital Wave is the only testing service approved to extend the life of SCBAs to 30 years! This saves fire crews a great deal of money on replacement canisters and prevents many tons of cylinders from being added to landfills each year.

Facts about our MAE testing

  • Offers the most accurate detection and quantification of composite cylinder defects
  • Meets ASME, NBIC, ISO, DOT/PHMSA and Transport Canada standards
  • Greatly reduces cylinder TCO
  • Ideal for SCBAs, Type 1 tube trailers, and Type 3 and 4 carbon fiber over-wrapped cylinders

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