Testing Service Solutions

With a global reach, our certified technicians have been ensuring composite pressure vessels manufactures and fleet operators meet ASME, NBIC, ISO, PHMSA/DOT and Transport Canada codes and standards since the introduction of Modal Acoustic Emission. In addition to At Time of Manufacturing testing, Hexagon Digital Wave has been providing accident investigation testing and periodic requalification to owners and operators of gas transportation modules.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Streamlined onsite asset integrity determination. Data processing done safely, quickly, and efficiently

In-Situ Platforms

Asset downtime reduced without compromised safety. Tailoring our approach for module, trailer, and container configurations

Periodic Requalfication

US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada approved in lieu of hydrostatic or proof pressure test requirements

At Time of Manufacturing

Design acceptance testing, composite cylinder fabrication and inspection guidance.

Accident Investigation

Detailed structure analysis for when worst case is encountered. The ultimate pass/fail determination in the most critical of situations

Hybrid Solutions

From field testing to Level 3 oversite, a testing service solution can be form fit to alleviate a wide array of pain points

US Department of Transportaion and Transport Canada Approved

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