Life Extension

Empowerment Through Safety Innovation

Reducing total cost of ownership of your cylinder assets is an operational best practice. Life Extension testing unlocks and enables organizations to pursue the total cost of ownership reduction journey

Established Track Record

Over 12,000 cylinders life extended in service

Environmentally Conscious

217,000 Lbs. of landfill avoidance achieved by extending cylinder life from 15 years to 30 years

Technical Superiority

The most accurate and reliable requalification method available. Trusted and approved by regulatory agencies

Equivalent Level of Safety

Testing provides a level of safety required with at time of manufactured cylinders

Backed by Research

In partnership with three separate government entities, Life Extension testing enters the market with over ten years of substantiated research and development

Testing Versatility in Practice

From first responders to the department of defense to the alternative fuel market, platforms for Life Extension are a reality

US Department of Transportation Approved

Read Special Permit 16320 and SU 12547 or our various research summaries, and contact us to uncover how Life Extension testing will benefit your organization

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Continued Service Life Cylinders | Senate Bill 19-061

Transport Canada SU 12547

Transport Canada SU 13583

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